Stream & River Consult

Stream & River Consult is a bio-engineering consultancy firm specializing in ecological restoration, environmental monitoring and impact assessment.

Our main areas of expertise are:

• The restoration and management of rivers, lakes and wetlands
• The development of fish habitat and monitoring of aquatic biodiversity
• Environmental impact assessments
• The production of didactic material (subaquatic video and photography)

Why choose us?

As an expert and multidisciplinary team we have the skills and experience needed to research your project and find the best solutions. 

We offer:

• Robust international experience and knowledge
• A specific approach for each project and integration of the environmental norms into our design taking into account local and national regulations
• Management of all stages of a project (diagnostic, design, permits, works, monitoring) or expert advice for a specific purpose
A team passionate about the environment and focused on best practice and sustainable development
• An ability to work in different environments and engage with all stakeholders
• Strategic business partnerships to create the best results for our clients